• High-level durability
  • IP68 rating/Waterproof
  • 2K resolution
  • Flashlight
  • Sony 21MP
  • Thermometer/Barometer
  • SOS system
  • Fingerprint
IP68 Certification
CNOEMS M130 was IP68 certified. Shockproof, waterproof and dustproof abilities are just a piece of cake. CNOEMS M130 can be dropped in the 1-meter-deep water and stay for more than 30 minutes without water seeping into the phone. Good sealing can protect the inner components from being polluted.
Face the challenge, overcome fear
CNOEMS M130 uses special material to seal the outside case and also put sealing circle in the phone to protect the inner components. With IP68 rating, the highest tri-proofing level, CNOEMS M130 is a smartphone which can participate in all your adventures, from rock climbing, desert adventure, jungle camping to deep sea diving... Want to take the challenge with it? Anytime is OK!
Rugged phone is not only rugged
Rugged body is not the only standard for a rugged phone. Perfect industrial-style design shows our serious attitude for a phone, no matter seeing or holding from which angle. CNOEMS M130 uses TPU(Thermoplastic Urethane) material and advanced soft rubbers to make the design more stylish. The non-slip texture at the back is more than convenient, and also shows the high-end texture. CNOEMS M130’s appearance is a new explanation for hardcore style.
High level durability
Besides TPU(Thermoplastic Urethane) material and advanced soft rubbers, CNOEMS M130 also added alloy stent to prevent it being scratched or dropped, which can increase the longevity of the screen.
5.5”2K resolution display
Excellent display is another point for an outstanding smartphone. The QHD(2K resolution) display brings an unprecedented immersive experience, showing the reality-like beautiful image. Exquisite image quality with details and colorful image presentation on the QHD display can bring the colorful and beautiful world in front of your eyes and also can record the wonderful moment forever.
Corning Gorilla glass transparent but strong
CNOEMS M130 uses Corning Gorilla thickening glass, which is wear-resistant and strong. The light thin appearance and strong material make the screen comfortable and sensitive when touching. The Corning Gorilla glass also improves the user experience for CNOEMS M130.
The world's ultra high-end Deca-core processor
The new Helio X25 processor brings with a revolutionary Deca-core tri-cluster architecture. The tri-cluster design in MT6797T, with the 20nm technology, can reduce the power consumption by 30% when compared with the double cluster design. In addition, we integrated kernel-level power-saving algorithms, optimized the system specifically for tens of thousands of scenarios, and intelligently scheduled three clusters to keep the high-quality endurance and performance.
New smooth experience, Deca-core CPU and 4+128GB large storage
The powerful 64-bit deca-core processor, working together with 4GB RAM, whether quickly starting the applications, playing games, listening to music, surfing internet or watching the movie, it can switch multiple tasks freely and operate smoothly. Moreover, with 128GB memory, you can store more songs and photos.
Record your travel moments and memories
The Sony 21MP rear camera on CNOEMS M130 has F2.2 large aperture and sapphire lens. With real-time HDR and OIS optical image stabilization functions, whether at the strong or weak light environment, even under the water, you can take picture easily. It can capture rapidly, the image quality is exquisite and clear, while the color is natural, vivid and layered.
Physical compass, never lose your way
CNOEMS M130 gives you the most important life guarantee-- the physical compass. When it is out of power, you can find your life way with the physical compass.
SOS button
CNOEMS M130 with friendly design, has red SOS button on the back cover. When you are in an emergency, you can call help immediately. One button, makes your journey safer.
Accurate GPS, never get lost
Strong navigation sensors, GPS, GLONASS as well as all outdoor tools are essential for adventurers. CNOEMS M130, with all those functions, to keep you safe and comfortable.
5000mAh battery + ultra-strong power saving, stay with you always
CNOEMS M130 is equipped with a large 5000mAh Li-polymer battery. It has smart battery output management, and the energy efficiency can increase by 40% when compared with normal phones. Also, the standby time is greatly extended, in any case, you will have enough power.
Flashlight, convenient at outdoors
No matter where you are, no matter how dark you are in, the physical flashlight can light up your world.
The hook-up design,free your hands
Our designers set a hook-up on the top of CNOEMS M130 for outdoor users. It will be easier to hold your smartphone when you are working or adventuring at outdoors.
Side fingerprints, convenient and quick
We set the fingerprint sensor at the side of the rugged phone with totally new fingerprint identification module. Compared with front fingerprint sensor, the side fingerprint design can be unlocked with one-hand, which is more convenient and quicker. A light touch can wake up your phone easily.
Strong and powerful speaker
shock your ears
CNOEMS M130 equipped with NXP audio amplifier, which was perfectly optimized, so that strong and powerful speaker is possible. The algorithm optimization increase the bass sound and make the sound powerful, meanwhile, the noise will not increase with the up of volume. Even you turn on the top volume, the sound is still pure and clear, no other noise.
Customized system based on Android 8.0
CNOEMS M130 is equipped with a customized software system based on Android 8.0. We reduced unnecessary functions to make it more simple and clear, which can make the performance stable and smooth, also it reduced the battery consumption. There is no difficulty to switch multiple tasks at the same time. This operating system can provide unprecedented best user experience.